Green Ethiopia!

Ethiopia is facing multiple challenges for sustainable development. As per its Climate resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE); actions on the ground needs to be stepped up to meet the rapidly escalating challenges. Pursuant to these challenges, and hope for renewal of Ethiopia, a new urban-rural landscape greening initiative directed towards long-term sustainable afforestation, urban renewal and rehabilitation of sensitive ecosystems is recently launched.


The goal of this National Greening Action program is to transform Ethiopia’s degraded environments to relish their full value of beneficial functions in livelihood support and ecosystem functions.


The general objective of this initiative is to promote sustainable and competitive tree-based production systems in the rural and urban landscapes of Ethiopia through coordinated, aligned and harmonized interventions to guide rapid greening of rural and urban Ethiopian landscapes by mobilizing human, institutional and technical capacities at all levels.

Promote rural landscape rehabilitation and greening through afforestation, watershed management and agroforestry systems

Enhance urban renewal and greening through solid waste management, waste- and storm water management, rivers and riverside development.

Restore and protect sensitive ecosystems such as lakes, reservoirs and wetlands

Generate better economic and social benefits through job creation and income generation thereby contributing for community resilience